How I’m Approaching the 2018 Midterms

How I’m Approaching the 2018 Midterms

By Aaron Beytin

Since I started working in direct voter communications in 2001, things have changed. A digital and social media explosion has expanded and multiplied the ways Americans absorb information.

Today, my company can produce better, faster, cheaper, what only giant advertising agencies could do when I first started.

But for the current state of our Democracy, it’s an exciting time.

Those of us who dedicate our lives to equality, liberty, peace, and prosperity face a challenge of unprecedented proportions. I believe the next few years represent nothing less than a battle over Democracy in America.

Like the founders, Democrats will win with strong ideals and original ideas. Like the heroes of the civil rights movement, Democrats will win with principled, peaceful dissent. And like the all the best agents of change throughout history, Democrats will do it with a clear message and a little old-fashioned creativity.

We’re ready to do our part. Here at The Beytin Agency we have the most powerful tools in history at our disposal. Jefferson may have had pen and paper, but we have kick-ass cameras and computers.

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